Templates that appear like Magic!

Imagine you could list an item on ebay in plain text, on any device from PC to Mobile, without having to touch any HTML code and still use fantastic looking templates.

This is not a dream, this is Magic Lister!

So, what's so special...

Nothing to learn
List on Mobile/iPad
No Code Required
Product Images Included
Fully eBay Compliant
Helpful Support

Some of our Features

It's Invisible!

The beauty of Magic Lister is it's crazy simplicity. You simple don't have to even think about using it. Just create a listing on eBay, typing your simple description as you normally would and add "(jar)" to the end. Minutes later Magic Lister applies the template without you even clicking a button!

Product Image's Included

When Magic Lister applies the listing template to your listing, it automatically inserts the product image you added to ebay into the listing template for you. No more uploading to a 3rd party server!

List on PC, Mobile or Tablet

It doesn't matter how you create your listings on ebay. Magic Lister just works! Using a template on a mobile or tablet device has never been easier.

How does it work?
Step One Type your description
Step Two Add the trigger word (jar)
Step Three List your item
Step Four Magic Lister does the rest
Do you need more information? We’re here to help!
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